The 1950's was a decade that looked to the future following the war years. The soldiers were home, the baby boom was in full swing, and new inventions such as the credit card, the seat belt, and the color T.V. were changing American lifestyles.

In Houston, the introduction of air conditioning spurred economic growth as companies began moving from the north to utilize its strong labor market. Texas Baptists have always been evangelical, and amidst this growth, Magnolia Park Baptist Church recognized the need for a mission in the Forest Oaks area.

Its first "Church" was a tent pitched on the corner of Forest Oaks Drive and Oriole Street, very near the present site of Forest Oaks Baptist Church. Its first pastor was Sam Wells, a member of Magnolia Park Baptist Church who was also a licensed minister. Pastor Wells preached from a sawdust floor to a congregation seated in folding chairs.

While tents were popular at the time, even serving many of the great preachers such as Billy Graham, after only six weeks, the aging tent was unable to stand up to Houston's weather. However, the new church continued with church members taking turns hosting services in their homes. Shortly thereafter, Brother Ira T. Gunn, a respected and much-loved member of Magnolia Park Baptist Church joined Forest Oaks as it's new (but unpaid) pastor.

In the winter of 1951, Forest Oaks' first building was begun by Brother Gunn, Brother Tibbs, and Reverend Taylor on the site of the current church. The first building was a one-story, white-framed building, a portion of which exists today and located behind the current buildings. At the same time, Forest Oaks acquired its first paid pastor (with funds provided by Forest Oaks, Magnolia Park, and Union Baptist Association.) The pastor was also provided a parsonage - a small apartment adjoining the fire station on Old Galveston Road.

In 1952 the church was able to break ground on a two-story brick building which faced Forest Oaks Drive which is the reason that even today the church's address is 1845 Forest Oaks Drive, although the current sanctuary actually faces Allendale. The current sanctuary is a two-story red-brick building with majestic white columns and a steeple, built in the seventies, it can seat up to 500 people.

Throughout the years, Forest Oaks has been blessed with gifted and talented pastors; Brother Paul Adams, Brother James Walker, Brother Ronald Smith, Brother Worth Hewitt, Brother Kenneth Coleman, Brother Eddie Atkinson, Brother Mark Shook, Brother Zane Chambers , Brother Donald Berg, and Brother Kevin Barefield.

Presently, the Senior Pastor is Reza Rahimi. The worship pastor is Cody Voss who has many years of experience in music and as a floating Pastor.

                                  Mission statement: Reach People for Christ and Lead Them to be Fully Devoted to Him